Thursday, December 31, 2009

This is The silver Bike we shot at bandra pier with Palash bose early morning with great lighting.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vedic Chopper

When Vardenchi says each build will be better than the last, Vardenchi stands by the statment. Now this my friends is the craziest custom chopper to hit the Indian streets!!!!! Follow this story to learn what apart from the blood and sweat went into building the Vedic Chopper.

When we told Nimit(our client and a close friend) that the possibility of his VTwin custom
chopper may not be possible, i wanted to make sure that we could curb his disappointment by offering him something that would still blow him away. He had seen Vardenchi's earlier work and though we have some of the sickest 8 and a half footers and loud thumpers, he wanted something more, something beyond. I decided to build it myself. Generally the team builds the bikes and i supervise or quality control the builds but not this one. Too close to the heart.

So early the next morning in March, i began chalking out the stats of the frame. She was gonna be long. a 9 footer! And low, enough to have your heels scrape the tarmac when you glided into the bends. But most of all i wanted her to be streamlined like a bird. The rest fell into place.

Since she was to be a single seater the heartache of working a passenger seat was out of the way. i wanted the tank to look slim and long accentuating the structure. Got it done just right, and finished neatly with a VM(Vardenchi Motorcycle) flushed pop up gas cap. The controls were to be tribal and actually suited the overall theme of the bike.

The VM single sided swingarm and belt drive as a trademark actually went well with the streamlined look of the Vedic. Her handle bars were kept at comfort wide grip and with bare minimum wiring they looked like the wings of the bird just before a flight. So it was'nt a wonder that when i tested her, she was everything i imagined and more, and true to the initial imagination my heels were scraping the road on the 1st test.

When Nimit came down to the shop for a look we had'nt selected a colour. We were just surfing the net when we came across a plain white bike and his eyes shone. He asked me what i thought? I said go for it but dont leave it plain white, Let me work on the art. According to me, Custom motorcycles come together like a stroke of lightning. You cant plan for everything, but work hard and lady luck follows. I took a huge!!! chance with the artwork. It is the Hanuman Chalisa, in English, written in an Indian form of Calligraphy. What are the chances???? The artist from design was kind enough to do it for us in record time. And it worked. I didn't want Nimit to Know what the final finish looked like so he was banned from the shop for a bit. To add to this sensational beast was a little celebration. Nimit had become the proud father to a son a couple o weeks before D Day and we decided to christen his bike Vivaan! after hi son. Vivaan was embossed in chrome on the tank and added just the final touch the chopper needed.

I'll never forget the day i delivered the Vardenchi Vedic Chopper to Nimit. He had the expression of true appreciation. I know for a fact he holds this custom motorcycle very close to his heart and will enjoy it each time he takes her out on the open road. I definitely enjoyed this build. It was a memorable one and will go down in the history of Vardenchi Motorcycles.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Second One

We may not look like these guys but we sure ride harder. Watch some of our riding videos from last sunday to see what i'm talking about. With Hopes of a much larger turnout this Sunday we call on our Vardenchi Riding Buddies to Battle.

Ride 2.


PLACE: Next to Otters club Carter road.

RIDE TO: Bootleggers colaba.

The activities this time will include some macho games and contests(that includes playstation....its manly according to us)

Rock music.

A lotta engines and a whole lotta riding.

Guys PLease confirm your availability by sms on 9819061956

For More details call on 9819062956/9820801998

P.S. wear a helmet and carry neccessary documentation for trouble free ride.

Vardenchi Club's First Ride!!!

Firstly i want to thank all the riding Buddies of Vardenchi Motorcycles who made this ride a success. We Look forward to your active participation in the future to take the Vardenchi Buddies Club to every part of India. For the rest of you watching this video nothing stands in the way of you being one of Vardenchi's Buddies. Join the Ride.

The Ride was an unmatched experience. For those who have heard a Vardenchi thump, now imagine eight of these mean machines thumping at 60 Km per Hour all the way from bandra to town. We Assembled at Zenzi Bandra and went for a small ride down Carter road to establish presence,after which it was a sweet ride all the way into town.

The looks and stares were inevitable,something a Vardenchi Buddy is now pretty used to, but the comraderie between each Riding Buddy was fun to watch. Halting to wait for a rider fallen behind, Holding to let another pass by, it was almost like a battalion headed to the field.

Lining up our beauties outside Bootleggers in Colaba was a slight task. Never ridden 8 custom choppers together before man! What followed was an evening of fun and rejoicing. All the Riding Buddies getting to know one another and sharing stories of rides and experiences.
We ended the run with groups breaking up for dinner and some heading back. It was the first of many fun and exhilerating rides to come.

What say my friends? Would you like to be a Vardenchi buddy.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ride this Sunday the 4TH!

Custom Bikes are to Men what Diamonds are to women. Women go to thier parties to show off their stones where are the men going to show off their wheels??????
Vardenchi is now working to give you guys a reason and a place to get your mean machines out to bring the vibrations and the roaring into the streets.
The First Ride.
Assemble at: 5:45 pm
Place: Zenzi Bandra
Ride to: Bootleggers Colaba.
Activities to get the man out in you.
Tie ups with Professional bike cleaning at great prices.
Meet the other custom motorcycle owners.
Learn the latest on the custom motorcycle
Learn about the anywhere anytime break down service.
For Any more Details call on: 9819061956/9820801998
P.S: Wear a helmet and carry copies of papers for a stress free ride.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Some better quality pics of the Vardenchi Cannon, as we fondly call her. She is parked at the cannon store at Atria mall worli Mumbai. The best parts is she rides as awesome as she looks.
The Rear end.

Dont miss the flushed gas cap.

Dual halogen lamps give her that insane look.

Monday, November 3, 2008